For General Audiences

“My daughter and I attended the fabulous mother daughter talk at our school and we learned so much about her body and the changes that are going to occur. It really opened the door to conversations about puberty in a way that wasn't scary or uncomfortable!”

— N.D., Rolling Hills Country Day School Parent

  • Your Changing Body

    "The puberty talk" for 5th or 6th grade girls and their moms. Cool demos, questions + answers, and fun!
  • Taking Care of You: Everything you need to know in half an hour

    Goes beyond diet and exercise; a concise guide to healthy living for teens of all ages. Includes sexuality and substance use. 30 minutes plus time for questions.
  • More Zzzzz's, please!

    The case for later school start times.
  • Sex Education in America: are we moving forward or backward?

    A look at sex education in the United States: history, policy, politics, and a contrasting approach in Europe.
  • Tipping the Scales: The truth about eating disorders

    What exactly are anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa? Who is likely to get these illnesses? What causes them? How are they treated? An introduction to eating disorders for high school and college students, and general audiences.